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Career Planning

People often confuse career planning with an aptitude test. Today’s students and young adults are exposed to many choices that finally make up his / her education, training and skills set. Not only is learning completed from traditional areas like schools, but also from family, peers, technology and lifestyles. It is therefore important to understand aptitude and skills as well as interests and backgrounds in order to develop a holistic career path for students.

In some cases students opt for an aptitude test to help them understand fairly quickly what their aptitude and academic strengths might be. Students now have multiple options of appearing for these tests – through school, at a test centre or in the comfort of their home through online tests.

However, it is important to use an aptitude test as a guideline but also work with interests and personalities as these two aspects also play a very important role in the entire career planning process.

A good career counselor plays a very important role in this process as they are able to take all these aspects into consideration and work in managing the students and parents expectations in creating the career path.