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Importance of Internship

The term “Internship” means getting trained and getting experience along with studies. Internship is meant to be “on the job training”, where undergraduates and fresher’s or employees get to learn new things during the training process thus gaining experience. Internship is that phase of time where you get to know what talents and skills you have inherited and what you are good at. The ultimate aim of an internship is to get experience and exposure to respective fields.

Internship plays a very crucial role in a student’s life. During that period students get to know how the business or corporate world actually works and how it operates. Internships are very different from jobs and employment because while on an internship, a student thinks of getting experience not salary but when it comes to jobs or employment it directly associates with income.

Internship is like a practice manual. For e.g. before playing any kind of outdoor games it is necessary to have practice so that the players don’t get tired easily and know the tactics of the game, in the same way Internships help students to get experience in the industry they’re trying to pursue for and also to get exposure of one’s thinking.

Today wherever we go for an interview the first question asked is “Do you have experience?” The best way to tackle this question is by gaining experience via internships when you are in college which also becomes a plus point for a fresher’s resume.

Internship is like a tryout for undergraduates. Before buying a car or a two-wheeler, we take a test-drive so that we are sure that the vehicle which we are purchasing is worth it. Internship helps us realize if the field we are interested in is worthwhile for us and also helps us avoid making mistakes. For example, if we are interested in one particular field but after doing an internship we realize we are not good at it, we can change our field before too much time is wasted and minimal damage is done.

Internship develops work habits for students which will ultimately lead to professionalism. It also creates motivation to students which will help them in their future. The experience of internship is totally different for students as it their first step towards achieving their goal in life.

In some courses it is compulsory to do an internship; courses like C.A and M.B.B.S have a compulsory time period internship for students. These students who intern are usually not paid but there are some who pay undergraduates during the internship which becomes their pocket money.

Now government has also started internship program plans for students to help them learn and get work experience, so now students have greater opportunities for internships. Government internship programs such as: Maharashtra CM’s Internship Program 2015 and Internship Program- Maharashtra State Human Rights Commission.