Lucky Ali_Final

Interview with Lucky Ali

How would you describe your journey in the world of music so far?

In a nutshell, the field of music has been rather interesting to explore. I have always felt that communication through it (this medium) is great and satiating. Personally, I would say that my entire journey in Music has been rather rewarding as I have worked with some of the finest musicians.

What are the hurdles that a person aspiring to enter this field must be prepared for?

Honestly, my take on this is very simple. If you are looking out for success and stardom in music, then please do not opt for it; because you will be wiped out. However, if you are truly passionate about it and are looking for creating something of ‘quality’, then go for it. People truly appreciate the intensity of the music that one composes.

Do you think education qualifications or any kind of formal training are a must for budding musicians?

I would say that if you are serious about the work that you do, in this case about music, then it is always good to learn as it helps in the short and the long run. I was lucky enough as I did not have to undergo any kind of formal training. But, gaining knowledge in this field is extremely important. As an additional tip, just do what you love; and do it to make yourself happy, not to impress others.