Advertising originates from the word ‘ad vertere’ (Latin) that literally means ‘to turn towards’. This is one of the most effective tools of marketing and used to attract consumers and audience towards an idea, product or a service.

Commercial advertisers often try to increase the sales of their product or service through branding, which involves associating the product or service with a famous name. Advertising is used for commercial products as well as non-commercial ones which include advertising for political and religious organizations (Modi’s 2014 campaign for the general election is a perfect example) and governmental agencies. N.G.Os may rely on free modes of persuasion or marketing, such as public announcements or speeches.

Apart from the big three in advertising – Print, Television  and Radio – Advertising today is also done online through websites as well as social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and RSS.

In field of Advertising we will be looking at 3 important aspects related to it- Client Servicing, Sales and Brand Management.

Client Services

Tasks performed by Client Servicing team are similar to those performed by customer service representatives. They have to ensure the customer/client is satisfied with the service provided for their product.

This field would be ideal for you if you are a people’s person and feel good in helping others out. It’s a time consuming and demanding profession as you will be required to be available to your client at any time of the day. A satisfied and happy client or customer is the key to spreading a good word for any business; this is why many organizations have teams dedicated especially to Client Servicing.

Advertising Sales

An Advertising Sales executive is someone who sells advertising space to interested business. Advertising Sales executive works in Print media, Radio, Television, social media and also in private companies. They target clients, explain the effective modes of advertising that can help them to promote their product productively to their audience or customer. It’s all about numbers in Advertising Sales, and how many clients you manage to bring on board and how many advertising spaces you’re able to sell to your clients.

Brand Management

Brand Manager is, as the name suggests, a person who manages a Brand. A Brand Manager would be expected to know the brand he/she will represent inside out, and also what is the best way to promote that brand. Some important elements of a brand that you would be expected to know would be it’s the history of the brand, the look of it, packaging and pricing and every minute detail of the brand. Also it would be extremely important to know the target audience the brand would provide its services to. Branding, in the modern times, is an extremely important part of Advertising. It enhances the image of the company. Understanding the audience and what their needs are and try to market the brand in such a way that the product fulfils these needs is the responsibility of the Brand Manager. Brand Management today spans over various fields, even public figures today require assistance from a brand manager to maintain a particular image amongst their audience. Portraying and maintaining that image to the audience is again very important in today’s time.

If you’re a an outgoing, gregarious person with good communication skills, have always been a part in getting sponsors and managing your college fests, ready to work long hours and not follow a monotonous schedule then you should consider the field of Advertising.


India is the second largest population in the world and that gives us a large potential for the reach of mass media. Advertising is a popular stream today, especially fields like Client Services, Sales and Brand Management. With people being aware and bombarded with information not only from India but all over the globe, leaving an impression in the audiences mind that can make them go out there and purchase that product is extremely important and this is what Advertising does.

Salaries in this field would range from 2.6 to 3 lacs in India and incentives would be based on achieving your set targets.

  • Junior Level Designations (0-5 years): Accounting Executive (Advertising), Product Marketing Manager etc.
  • Mid-Level Designations (5-10 years): Senior Marketing Manager, Marketing Communications Manager etc.
  • Experienced Designations (10+ years): Marketing Director etc.