Event Management


Event Management is  the process of transforming a well planned project into the creation and development of an event. You understand the motive of the event and then identify the target audience, pick your logistics team and manage the technical aspects before actually launching the event. The process of planning and coordinating the event is usually referred to as event planning and can include deciding the budget, preparing a schedule, selecting the location, acquiring necessary legal permits, coordinating transport and valet parking facilities, arranging services for speakers or entertainers, hiring decorators, event safety and security, catering services and emergency plans.

After doing your respective course in event management, you have a single road to follow, but this road has many lanes you can drive through. You can manage many types of events ranging from a small family gathering to a grand award ceremony. You can manage all kinds of events like Conferences, Seminars, Meetings, Trade Shows, Business Dinners, Press Conferences, Fund Raisers, Travel Events, Opening Events, Theme Parties, Award Ceremonies, Birthday Parties, and Weddings etc. The list is never ending.

Event management is the best option for people with an outgoing attitude and social in nature. The job requires candidates who are always on the move and are go-getters. They must have the heart to get things done. They must be social, excellent with their interaction skills and also presentable as they always have to interact with VIPs and VVIPs. An aspirant in event management should have in him, a passion for events and flexibility of time and schedule.

Event management is an industry that is always growing with each passing event. A tremendous growth in events such as talent-hunt competitions, concerts, fashion shows, academic functions, religious gatherings and the likes have fuelled the demand for exceptional event managers. The demand for result oriented and creative event managers is going to shoot up in the near future.

There are is a huge demand for specialists associated with this particular industry. As the educational establishments offering professional courses for aspiring event managers is not too great, there is a great shortage of experienced professionals in this field. To fill this void, professionals have to be acquired from a vast array of other vocations.

Other than that, you get numerous opportunities to rub shoulders with celebrities from different walks of life, be it actors, sportsmen, politicians, corporate officials and so on. You have the satisfaction of having pulled off grand events with aplomb. You get the thrill of organizing and managing events from their concept right up to their execution.


The pay package in this industry varies according to the role you play and the responsibility you actually have. It also depends on factors such as the establishment you are working with, the type of client your organization is catering to, your experience, and the city where the firm is located and so on.

As a fresher in this industry, you can easily bag a pay cheque of around Rs.10,000 – Rs.15,000 per month. The wage goes up with your experience and area of skill. You can earn a fat salary working as an expert freelancer or the owner of your own event management company.

  • Entry level Designations: Client Service Executive etc.
  • Mid-Level Designations: Operations Manager etc.
  • Experienced Designations: General Manager/ Expert Freelancer(Events)