Film Making and Script Writing


A Film director is a person who directs the making of a film. He visualizes the script and steers the cast and crew in order to realize this vision of his. It is the director’s responsibility to choose the cast and crew and all the production and creative aspects of the film. Directors need to be able to mediate differences in creative visions while staying within the film budget boundaries.

There are different fields you can approach after passing out of a Film School. You can start off being a part of the production crew. Then, you have to start networking as it is one of the most important steps because this is how you can develop contacts. The more people you know, the more opportunities you’ll be made aware of. You can then start making short films of your own. Once you get your recognition via these short films, you can start pushing them in film festivals. As time passes you can hire an agent and he will start advertising for you and slowly but gradually, you will come to be known as a renowned director. You have to be good and reasonable at the beginning but slowly, you can raise your pay.

India can boast of being one of the biggest entertainment industries-comprising Cinema and TV-in the world. Film Direction as a profession has started gaining ground in non film-industry families. A career which was limited to few families of Indian film industry for last 100 years has broken open the shackles and become popular among the youth with no filmy background. So if you want to know if there is scope for filmmaking in India, then YES! There is lot of scope and a lot of opportunities for the same.


You don’t need any educational qualification to become a professional screen writer; it is more of a freelancing occupation. You can write scripts for movies, television programs, documentaries, video games etc. or even turn into a content writer.

A Screenplay writer or a script writer is the one who possesses the art of writing stories or a script for different mass media such as films, daily soaps, games etc. Script writers aim for their scripts being signed for a movie buy a big producer or if not, their scripts to be sold at a good price. A Script once written by a writer exclusively becomes his/hers and can be sold at any desired rate. Being one of the most competitive fields in the film industry, writers have to write their heart out in order to secure a meaty film.


The average pay of a film editor can range from Rs 98,569/- – Rs 9,53,347/- . Gradually, your pay rises and even your position. Once a renowned maker, you can earn around 4 crores – 10 crores per film.

  • Entry level Designations: Assistant Art Director, Assistant Editor etc.
  • Mid-Level Designations: Film and Video Editor, Art Director etc.
  • Experienced Designations: Director and Producer.