Public Relations & Corporate Communications


Public Relations is the practice of spreading information between an individual or an institution or organization to the target audience using topics of public interests and any type of news that does not require a monetary investment. This monetary benefit is what separates it from marketing and advertising. Public Relations aim to inform the target audience about their products and also maintain a good relation with them for future business.

Corporate Communications, on the other hand is the process a company uses to communicate all the necessary information to its key clients. It maintains a strong corporate relationship with another organization or institution. It mostly defines how a company maintains relations and communicates with stakeholders and brings its values to life.

As a corporate communicator, you become the face of the organization you are representing in front of other organizations. The skill sets that you require for being a professional in this field are the ability to write lucidly, a very good representation of your yourself and your company, ability to articulate ideas and above all you should be a people’s person. Corporate communicators are also responsible for transmitting information from the management to its employees and vice versa. Advertising, marketing and PR strategies also fall in the hands of the department of corporate communication.

Job opportunities in the field of Public Relations are vast for people if they have excellent communication skills and an ability to convince people. Advertising and Marketing companies look out for PR professionals. Public relations professionals typically can work for PR firms, companies and businesses, government agencies, and public officials, and nongovernmental organizations as well.

The demand from organizations and big institutions is only going to increase considering the rate of growth of business in India. The job prospects in India are bright. Big companies like Balaji Telefilms and other agencies are offering job openings for creative personnel who can relate well to the target audience. If you have a strong hold on your communication and relation building skills, then this is indeed, a suitable career for you.


The pay scales in the industry vary according to the organisation and experience in the industry. A professional with a relevant degree and excellent communication skills can get paid Rs 3.5 lakhs a year. Once you have a strong foothold in the field, the annual pay can easily go up to Rs 5-6 lakhs. While highly skilled people can make their way up to be vice-president in a company, the entry level pay can be Rs 15,000-20,000.

On the other hand, if you get into a News channel or a TV channel, you can get paid a good Rs 30,000 a month. However, for media jobs, you have to work in various shifts and travel places as well. You can also apply as a technical communicator or a communicating professional in an IT company and expect a salary of Rs. 15,000 or a little more.

  • Entry Level Designations: Business Development Executive, Area Sales Manager, Associate Marketing Manager etc.
  • Mid-Level Designations: Assistant Brand Manager, Public Relations Manger, Corporate Communications Manager etc.
  • Experienced Designations: Brand Manager etc.
  • Late years: Sr. Communications Manger etc.