Sound Engineering


An Audio engineer is a person who is associated with the creative and practical aspects of sound recording, manipulating, mixing and reproduction of sound or can even be involved in the development of new audio technologies and advancing scientific understanding of audible sound. Audio Engineers effectively use new applications to create sounds or tracks for films, radio, television, music, electronic products and computer games.

Audio Engineering is a career for those who love music and wish to be a part of this adventure. Audio Engineering is all about recording sound, editing, mixing etc. and also for the reproduction of sound using various devices. Audio Production may include everything, right from the set-up to the actual recording to post production.

Audio Engineers can specialize in different attributes of sound, music, dialogue, special effects and so on. Professional Audio Engineers or Sound recorders can be employed at recording, film or television studios, multimedia institutions, Post production crews and so on as studio sound recorders or live sound engineers, sound effects editor, sound designer, music and dialogue editor, studio manager etc.


A Studio Engineer is someone who as the name suggests, works in a studio with a producer and does different work on tracks to make them sound superior. They scrutinize the technical and musical aspects of the sound present and adjust their equipment and performance of the artist so that it sounds the best that it possibly can.

A recording engineer uses a mixing board to manipulate different sounds from different media. They may also put in some sound effects and speed up or slow down tempos depending on what sound they are attempting to create. They are also accountable for adjusting the audio to please the customer.

A mixing engineer takes different audios and braids them to make them sound better or upbeat the audio etc. This can be useful if you have the singer’s voice on one track and the music on another. They must blend and attune different tracks so that they sound good and are able to attract the audience.

Some sound engineers work specifically on games. They make games sound more interesting and realistic. They must be well acquainted with the game that they are operating on and tune in appropriate sounds in the places where it is needed.

The job of a live sound engineer is to make the sounds produced at a live performance or event sound superlative. Sometimes, they may have to set-up the speakers at an event and make sure they’re placed in the best possible position and manage any sound or noise that is required by means of a mixing board. They generally work with individuals or bands who frequently give live performances.

Fold back engineers also work at live events and shows. They supervise and embellish what the audience hears. They make sure that the audience grasps significant elements while trying to cut back on other sounds.

System engineers are responsible for the design, setup, and operation of Public Address systems. These address systems may be really complex and can often be difficult to cope up with. Setting them up and designing them so that they are able to properly manage any of the sounds that are produced is what System Engineers do.

Audio post engineers edit and mix the sound that is produced for films and television shows. They manage all diverse sounds that are required to make them seem realistic and to appeal to the audience. They also juggle the sound effects so that artists’ voices are not covered up or overshadowed by them.

There are several different branches that a person interested in audio engineering can pick out from so select the one that best suits your interests and talents for a Vocation. Sound engineers should be able to use a variety of different equipment and must be able to listen and analyze the audio for any given thing.

Audio Engineering is one of the most popular and promising careers in the modern generation that offers immense opportunity in the film industry, sound broadcasting and advertising both in India and other international countries. To be good in this field, a lot of commitment and interest is needed. Job openings for audio engineers and technicians are available in various fields of the entertainment industry. Radio stations, private television channels and advertising firms also recruit sound engineers.

Audio engineering is one of the careers that bring recognition along with money. A renowned audio engineer can easily get high salaries from the industry. A well suited individual with all the necessary experience and qualifications required for the job can expect a salary ranging between Rs.20000 to Rs.23,000 a month. If there is a need for some job experience or training, then the salary can vary between Rs.12,000 to Rs.15,000 subject to the designation and the experience related to it.

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