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Ms. Shireen Ardeshir form Study Networks featured on the Education Times. Click here for a detailed article on popular trans-disciplinary courses offered in various countries across the world.

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Shireen Ardeshir, Senior Consultant, Study Networks, explains the Why, When and How of aptitude testing


CII Principals’ Conclave 2015

  1. “Shireen Ardeshir, Sr. Consultant, Study Networks recently attended the CII Principals’ Conclave 2015 held on 9 December which focused on addressing ‘Excellence in Education’. Commending CII, Shireen mentions that ‘these programs are the need of the hour where educators come together to share knowledge and learning’s with each other’.

    Prof. Desai in his opening speech gives the example of Einstein and says that “great leaders don’t pursue leadership but excel in what they do… (they) alter the possibilities for the next generation”.

    Seen here with Lord Meghnad Desai, Professor Emeritus, London School of Economics & Chief Guest of the event.

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  2. Seen here with Prof. Amit Dasgupta, Ambassador (Retd), Head of Mumbai Campus, S P Jain School of Global Management who in the session on “An effective Teacher in Every Classroom”, states that the role of the teacher has changed and a teacher now is a “facilitator, a connector, who ignites the spark in children”.


  3. Seen here with Mr. Chintan Bharwada, Business Development – Education, Australian Trade Commission and Ms. Avnita Bir, Director-Principal R.N. Poddar School who were part of the panel discussion on ‘An Effective Teacher in Every Classroom’.  Ms. Bir spoke about the shortage of an estimated 2 million teachers in India and how the profession needs to be more aspirational while Mr. Bharwada shared some best practices in teacher training and talent management followed in Australia which can be applied in India.


Study Abroad

Senior Career Consultant Shireen Ardeshir of Study Networks, sheds some light on International Study Options. Out in DNA’s Education Reckoner, 2016!





Aptitude Matters


Elaborates Shireen Ardeshir, senior career consultant, Study Networks, “Most aptitude tests are based on differential aptitude tests (DAT) and measure a student’s ability in the areas of verbal reasoning, numerical ability, abstract reasoning, mechanical reasoning and space relations. Personality and interest tests are usually based on the underlying principles of the Holland Codes, often referred to as the RIASEC model.” This model refers to a theory of careers and vocational choice based on personality types.

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International admissions

Int Education

Study options in New Zealand has seen rising enrollment of international students, including those from India over the last few years, writes Shireen Ardeshir.

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