International Shiksha 2015


A truly unique and collaborative platform, International Shiksha brought together three key stakeholders in the international education cycle – International Universities, Local Schools and Colleges and Students and Parents. Spread over three days, and hosting a 10 country delegation, International Shiksha 2015 was held in schools and colleges across Mumbai on 20, 21 and 22 August2015. The key locations within Mumbai included Powai, Borivali and Central Mumbai. Each location had it own host institution which opened its doors to neighboring schools and colleges increasing the footfall in each location to about 500 students & parents.

International Shiksha in 2015, saw participation from 10 countries, was attended by over 1626 students and parents and was supported by 7 consulates including the U.S Consulate, the French Embassy, Austrade, Education New Zealand and Enterprise Ireland, the event for 2015 has just grown bigger and better. For more information log onto

Study Networks assists the Big History Institute in creating a footprint in India


The Big History Institute located at Macquarie University in Sydney, is co-founded by Professor David Christian and Bill Gates. It builds upon the pioneering role that Macquarie University  has played, in the evolution of the new field of Big History.

In an attempt to answer the history of everything, it helps schools and students use a multidisciplinary approach to teaching and learning. Students start gaining an interest in and have a better understanding of subjects like astronomy, physics, biology, archaeology, history, and economics.

Sr. Consultant at Study Networks, Shireen Ardeshir states, “…this is exactly what our education systems needs, a multidisciplinary approach. Allowing students to develop their critical thinking and research skills is bound to make them perform better in their other subjects and develop important life skills”.

Study Networks is pleased to support the Big History Institute in bringing the program to India.

Study Networks creates “the” media education fair at Department of Mass Media, Don Bosco College, Kurla


After 2 months of planning and development, Study Networks conducted DOMM Life on 10 February, 2015 for the Department of Mass Media, Don Bosco College, Kurla

Study Networks developed a self assessment survey for students who could then identify if they qualified as “Brand Masters” who would be the potential advertisers, “Creators” which included students with a creative bent of mind and the “Live Wires” defined as those who would be most suitable for roles in events.

Students then attended a series of industry based guest lecturers to introduce them to the “real world” of 10 different aspects associated with a media industry. These included sessions on Advertising, Photography, Social Media, Writing in New Age mediums, Events, Public Relations, Film Scripting and Direction, Television, Marketing and Music Production.

Fr. Joe Braganza was very pleased with the success of the first DOMM LIFE event where the response from the industry speakers and students has been so great. Fr. Braganza mentioned that “we definitely plan to make this an annual event and will ensure its bigger and better each year.”

Excited students were keenly discussing the different aspects of the media industry with one student commenting that they were able to relate to the speakers as “they spoke our language”. Students were also pleased to gain exposure to subjects like photography and music and to know how to apply video and audio elements to advertising and media.

J.B.Petit High School for Girls partners with Study Networks for Career Guidance


Study Networks has worked with the class moms of J.B.Petit High School for Girls of the year 9 class advancing to year 10 in organising the aptitude test for the students. The results were presented to the class within 2 weeks and the response was very good. Students and parents had the opportunity to engage with career counsellors from our partner organizations and interact with Study Networks staff to find out about opportunities abroad eg. Summer schools and discovery programs. One of the class mom’s Mrs. Shivkumar, said about Study Networks  “… (they are) professional and prompt, warm and responsive…it was a pleasure interacting with (them)”

S.M. Shetty International School, Powai benefits from Study Networks student counselling and guidance


Study Networks works with the team at S.M Shetty International school in identifying the best approach for counselling and guiding students on career choices and subject selection.

As students in year 8 are at a critical juncture where they need to make a decision on the subjects and career streams they need to select in year 9, Study Networks organised an aptitude session followed by detailed and in-depth counselling for the students.

Students and parents were also keen to discuss opportunities after they finish their high school studies so that an advance planning on the finances could be arranged as required.

Study Networks at Beacon High, Bandra


The Study Networks (SN)  team presented a talk to Beacon High year 10 students showcasing international career options in the fields of Business, Engineering and IT and various other upcoming streams. The seminar gained a lot of curiosity from the school children on a varied range of courses across countries like US, UK and Australia.

Aptly titled ‘International Education: Planning Ahead’, the seminar addressed practical issues and considerations to keep in mind when considering education overseas. These included academic requirements, priorities in selecting the right institution and course, outcomes to look at and financial planning.

Study Networks International Shiksha: A success story!


With a 7 country representation, International Shiksha provided a unique platform for students to engage with international education providers. Supported by 4 consulates – the U.S Consulate and USEFI, French Embassy and Campus France, Enterprise Ireland and Education New Zealand; International Shiksha was hosted in 4 schools – RIMS International School, RBK Academy, Hiranandani Foundation School, S.M Shetty International School and 1 college – Don Bosco College across Mumbai and was attended by over 650 students and parents. The pilot event, Study Networks International Shiksha (SNIS) held between 10 to 12 November 2014, also saw participation from Monash University and Curtin University in Australia; Kingston University in London and HULT University in the United States.

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