Study Networks assists the Big History Institute in creating a footprint in India

The Big History Institute located at Macquarie University in Sydney, is co-founded by Professor David Christian and Bill Gates. It builds upon the pioneering role that Macquarie University  has played, in the evolution of the new field of Big History.

In an attempt to answer the history of everything, it helps schools and students use a multidisciplinary approach to teaching and learning. Students start gaining an interest in and have a better understanding of subjects like astronomy, physics, biology, archaeology, history, and economics.

Sr. Consultant at Study Networks, Shireen Ardeshir states, “…this is exactly what our education systems needs, a multidisciplinary approach. Allowing students to develop their critical thinking and research skills is bound to make them perform better in their other subjects and develop important life skills”.

Study Networks is pleased to support the Big History Institute in bringing the program to India.