Study Networks creates “the” media education fair at Department of Mass Media, Don Bosco College, Kurla

After 2 months of planning and development, Study Networks conducted DOMM Life on 10 February, 2015 for the Department of Mass Media, Don Bosco College, Kurla

Study Networks developed a self assessment survey for students who could then identify if they qualified as “Brand Masters” who would be the potential advertisers, “Creators” which included students with a creative bent of mind and the “Live Wires” defined as those who would be most suitable for roles in events.

Students then attended a series of industry based guest lecturers to introduce them to the “real world” of 10 different aspects associated with a media industry. These included sessions on Advertising, Photography, Social Media, Writing in New Age mediums, Events, Public Relations, Film Scripting and Direction, Television, Marketing and Music Production.

Fr. Joe Braganza was very pleased with the success of the first DOMM LIFE event where the response from the industry speakers and students has been so great. Fr. Braganza mentioned that “we definitely plan to make this an annual event and will ensure its bigger and better each year.”

Excited students were keenly discussing the different aspects of the media industry with one student commenting that they were able to relate to the speakers as “they spoke our language”. Students were also pleased to gain exposure to subjects like photography and music and to know how to apply video and audio elements to advertising and media.