Work With Us


Internship Opportunities:

At Study Networks, we believe learning is a continuous process. Therefore, we go all out to motivate students above the age of 18 years to be a part of our internship program where one can learn as well as and earn. We provide specific training programs to our interns whereby they can develop their skill set and become work-ready!

We are currently offering multiple internships for the following roles in our organization. The work schedules are flexible and can be adjusted to student needs and college timings. The schedule is based on a discussion and understanding of work requirements.

If you are selected, you will be provided a stipend based on your performance.

Content Developer / Writer:

As a content developer, you will be providing:

-Original articles of general interest for our blog, our newsletter
-Contributing to video blogs and diaries
-Conducting research and providing analysis on various subjects

Preferred Skills Required:

  • Strong written communication
  • Strong research skills

Integrated Marketing Support:

As part of our marketing support, you will be contributing to marketing initiatives, back-end marketing support, data management and integration, and telephonic interface with clients and providing support as required to our events.

Preferred Skills Required:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong initiative to get the job done

Online and Social Media Promoters:

This role is for those of you who are already familiar with social media applications and are able to provide original content, ideate, promote and execute our initiatives on social media platforms.

Preferred Skills Required:

  • Strong presence on social media platforms
  • High awareness of various social media
  • Ability to research and report on new trends in social media
  • Ability to think outside the box

For all our positions, we expect

– Professionalism
– Commitment to the work
– A high level of communication skills
– A high level of research skills
– Presentation and Powerpoint skills
– Familiarity with online and mobile social media applications

To join our internship program, send us your CV, a recommendation letter from your college and an intriguing essay about yourself and your future goals to